National Farmers Day Program by Brahma Kumaris Narsinghpur

Narsinghpur ( Madhya Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris of Narsinghpur held a program on National Farmers Day at Divya Sanskar Bhawan, Housing Board Colony branch. BK Sumanth, Headquarters Coordinator from Mount Abu; K. B. Sahare, Senior Chief Scientist; Ashutosh Sharma, Vastu Expert; B. D. Aarse, Senior Agriculture Extention Officer; Dr. R. N. Patel, Soil Testing Officer;  S. K. Yadav, Preacher and Shiv Yoga Teacher; Dr. Indra Bhushan Singh, Farmer; BK Kusum and BK Preeti joined this program online.

BK Sumanth, while giving the Chief address on this occasion, said that the farmer is the pride of this nation and is a symbol of sacrifice and penance.  If we wish to make Bharat a prosperous and self-reliant country,  we need to empower the farmers first. The Rural Development Wing of the Brahma Kumaris is popularizing Organic Yogic Farming for this purpose.  Under this, farmers are trained and encouraged to practice Sustainable Organic Yogic Farming. Every citizen must be grateful to the farmers.

BK Kusum said that 70 percent of the Indian population is connected with agriculture. Farmers and saints are the focal points of Indian culture.  Bharat was called the Golden Sparrow because of its prosperity.  The farmers played a very important role in making this country rich.

BK Preeti spoke about the benefits of applying Rajayoga Meditation to agriculture.  She held a Rajayoga session to guide everyone in experiencing it. All the guests expressed their good wishes for this initiative.

Child artists contributed musical and dance performances.  BK Kusum felicitated the assembled guests. Mr. Mukesh Nema gave the vote of thanks.

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