National Conference For Visually Impaired And Empowerment Of Persons With Disabilities

Abu Road( Rajasthan ): The Divyang Sewa or Differently Abled Services Wing of RERF, in collaboration with Brahma Kumaris, organized the National Conference on the theme “Empowering persons with disablilities & ensuring inclusiveness & equality program for visually impaired” at Brahma Kumaris Mansarovar Premises.  It was attended by visually impaired people from 13 states all over the country in large numbers.

During the inaugural program, Sandeep Trivedi, President of Recording Club, Ajmer introduced the RC Theme song and welcome song by Bhawar Singh and his team.

BK Suryamani, National Co-ordinator of Divyang Sewa, shared the aim and purpose of the conference and the country wide efforts being made by Brahma Kumaris in serving the differently abled people.

Samaram Garasiya, MLA from Pindwara, said that life values can be developed faster in people who are blind. Lack of eyesight is not a hindrance in developing spiritual power.

BK Brij Mohan,  Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris,  said that people are ignorant of real knowledge despite having eyesight in today’s time. They cannot discriminate between truth and falsehood.  Those who are blind are spared many unnecessary entanglements which bother others with sight. One can see with the mental eye, even if one is blind. Mental eye is very sharp.

BK Dr. Savita, Headquarters Coordinator of Women’s Wing of RERF, said that it is our sincere desire and effort that Godly Knowledge should reach to all. We can see our real self and God with our inner spiritual eye or the third eye.

Surendra Prasad Tiwari of Bank of India from Bhopal,  said that language and communication do not require eyesight.  God has given a third eye for that. We must develop this power in our life.

Welcome speech was given by BK Rita, Incharge of BK center in Udaipur and the stage program was co-ordinated by BK Supriya, Editor of Daily News, Mount Abu.

BK Karuna, Chief of Multimedia, gave good wishes during the panel discussion held on the “Role of visually impaired in establishing world peace“.

A 3D exhibition model was set up and Braille books were available to enhance inner power for Visually impaired person. Sessions on Rajayoga Meditation for igniting the third eye, Technology and Training, Disaster Management – Self Protection, Sleep Management, Role of VI persons for World Peace etc. were held during the three day conference to motivate the participants to lead a healthy and happy life.

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