MLA Kashyap’s birthday celebrated

Indri ( Haryana ):  On the auspicious occasion of Shivratri at Brahma Kumaris Indri Pushpa Vatika center, a programme of hoisting the Shiva flag was organised in the city. MLA Ram Kumar Kashyap and Municipal Chairperson Shivani Goyal mainly participated as the chief guest. Brahma Kumaris welcomed MLA Ramkumar Kashyap with a bunch of flowers. BK Mamta, BK Geeta, BK Ranjana, BK Varsha and BK Rajni from Brahma Kumaris were also present and all the musicians celebrated the birthday of the chief guest Ramkumar Kashyap with great enthusiasm.

Brahma Kumari Ranjana  said that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God Himself, the creator of the world, is our father and Brahma Kumari Geeta said that God is one for all. BK Varsha  expressed her gratitude to all the guests who came. Brahma Kumari Rajni gave the introduction of God and Brahma Kumari Mamta gave the experience of celebrating union with God.

MLA Ramkumar Kashyap said that to know the Supreme Father Supreme Soul one should go to Brahma Kumaris center and remember him to live a calm and happy life.

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