“Miracle of God and Wonder Women” – A BK Retreat in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand ( Asia ): BK Sister Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris of Moscow, during her visit to Thailand conducted a session on “I Choose Benevolence” for the Thai Youth students from various universities, who were accompanied by their teachers. She gave a clear, precise, yet essential explanation regarding dimensions of spiritual benevolence. The feedback from participants, especially from Muslim teachers, was so positive that they felt blessed, and received the inspiration to initiate social projects for their university and community.

BK Sudha gave a class on  “Instrument Consciousness” at the Pinthu Center.

A retreat for Thai BKs was held on the topic “Miracle of God and Wonder Women” within an atmosphere which was powerful, loving and cooperative.

The Welcome Night began with a Thai cultural dance, “Welcome to Thailand, a performance of a regional dance which gave a wonderful kick-off for the retreat.

The main theme of the retreat focused on Purity, in which BK Sudha shared her insights and experiences.

The last day of the retreat was celebrated with the invocation of Goddess Lakshmi in her 8 forms of great qualities. This presentation powerfully invoked the deity experiences in all, and the ceremony included a cake cutting and candle lighting.

‘Light of Wisdom’ at Nontaburi Center:
A beautiful atmosphere of celebrating the ‘Festival of Light’ with the significance of the ‘Light of Wisdom’ was recorded as an interview  at Lakeside Villa near the Nontaburi Main center.

Experiencing God’s Love at Sindhu Centre:
On the topic “Experiencing God’s Love,” BK Sudha shared 5 aspects  to experience God’s love together with examples of each aspect : 1) Bodiless 2) Embodiment of Knowledge 3) Obedient Server and Humble 4) Honesty 5) Constantly Happy.

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