“Mind Management and Harmony in Relationships” Program at Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh (Delhi): A program was conducted by the Brahma Kumaris in Pandav Bhawan, at the Karol Bagh (Delhi) center on the topic “Mind Management and Harmony in Relationships“. The Guest of Honor was the well-known scientist Dr. Avdesh Sharma and Dr. Sujata Sharma.

Addressing the program Dr. Avdesh Sharma said that humans have been in Disease, Distress and Disorder due to their weak and negative thoughts. As our system is based on energy, our body is transforming continuously. If we do not control the waves of our thoughts then quite soon we will be rooted with psychosomatic diseases. To give a track to our mind, imbibing a Rajayoga lifestyle is necessary.  Even Dr. Sujata Sharma acknowledged that sweetness in every relationships is necessary. The concept of Self Respect, Freedom and Compassion should be taught to every person as they are the base to inculcate sweetness in our life.

Rajayogini Pushpa, Director of Pandav Bhavan Karol Bagh center, in her blessings said that in today’s time it is needful to strengthen our mind and be positive. For that one has to take care of the dose of what we take in and also keep a watch on what should be abstinent.

The program was attended by at least 350 people, and included several highly reputed doctors of Karol Bagh : Dr. Rupak Singhla (HOD Training at National Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases), Dr. Nita Singhla (HOD Pulmonology at National Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases), Dr. I.P Kaur (Retired, Deputy Commissioner Ministry of Health and Family welfare), Dr. Rajendra Bali (MD & Consultant, Bali Nursing Home), Dr. Veena Bali (Consultant gynecologist and obstetrician, Bali Nursing Home), Dr. Shakuntala (MD consultant gynecologist and obstetrician Nulife Hospital), Dr. Harish (MD and anaesthetist, Nulife Hospital), Dr. Indrajeet Gulati (General Physician), Dr. Shashi (Gynecologist),  Dr. Alok (General Surgeon), Ravi Khandelwal (MD, Jagdish Store), Mr. Mohan (Chairman, Super Net) and Mr. Ram Lal (President, Karol Bagh Gaffar Market Association Federation).