Message of Hope With Meditation Discover a Different ‘Me’

PEACE – Everyone says they want peace, but we have forgotten that peace is already within us. Peace is our original religion. Pause during the day and go into silence.  Quietly I step inside and connect to my original quality of peace. Tell your mind to rest, be still and free yourself from the busy traffic of thoughts, words, and actions. This silence takes us into a state of peace and the pieces of our hearts can come together.   To go into silence means to go deep inside and keep external situations outside.  Then the power comes to sort things out and feel peaceful, free from limitations. The vibes from our thoughts travel at a great speed with considerable impact. Every pure and peaceful thought I create is energy whose current radiates out and touches people and places to help heal the heart of the world.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes – including you! – Anne Lamott.

In meditation, unplug your mind from everything and everyone. Pause in the stillness for a minute now. Connect with the Divine. Peace helps you fly; power helps you rise and love helps you reconnect to God.  Feel yourself recharging with the eternal Peace that is within God. Let these thoughts of peace sit in your mind.  Through meditation, you discover a very different “me” from perhaps the stressed or troubled person, who may seem superficially to be “me”. Imagine yourself as a calm, capable, empowered, successful and happy soul, being aware of each thought and reaction that comes to mind – and then ruling it. Within a second, you claim the power to act on the idea or ditch it.   The negative traits in your personality, the thoughts of self-doubt, low self-regard, guilt, worry will no longer affect your relationships at home and work. Even the shadow of the news of war or disease does not diminish my peace, even though we live in a world that knows no peace and therefore no silence either.

Some might baulk at being so ‘in control’ of themselves. But realizing you are a soul,  you can ‘get in control’ of yourself,  just yourself, not controlling others.  Other people’s lives and games are their own! You are responsible for yourself as you are now the independent soul, who can choose how to live.  With meditation we get to know ourselves completely, both who we are inside and how we react to what is outside. We realize that our true nature, the real me, is actually very positive. We can throw off the old patterns of influence, recreate ourselves how we want to be, and begin to discover an ocean of peace right on our doorstep!

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