Message of Hope – Spiritual Love Has Great Power

“This moment ….can be considered a door or a hole. If you consume and give out negative information daily, are nervous and pessimistic, you will fall into this hole. But if you (pause), take a good look at yourself, rethink life and death, take care of yourself and others with love, you will go through the door.”-Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle

Put your hand on your heart.  The heart opens fully when we go through the door of spirituality. Through this door we find our eternal invaluable treasures, the inner spiritual qualities giving us power to keep on giving. Here’s a few treasures from the heart:

A Big “Huge” Heart: Front page newspaper headline: “An ultimate act of kindness-local resident with a ‘Huge Heart’ extends another’s life (donation of a partial liver by a living donor). Generosity, honesty, mercy and caring are treasures within someone having a big heart. Those with ‘huge’ and big hearts are loved by all; they feel everyone belongs to them.. Often incognito, they interact easily, with lightness and honesty and bring others together to work.

A Kind Heart:   A kind person gives happiness and silently keeps a vision of pure wishes.  A kind person knows not to absorb the sorrow someone is feeling or to speak about it to others, but with love and compassion helps others remove their sorrow or fear.

A Strong Heart:  One who has a strong and clean heart doesn’t have any animosity towards anyone; this is how their heart becomes strong.  Do not allow your heart to be weak or delicate.  With a strong and clean heart, you will do the work of a healer in this world.  To heal, feel God’s love within you. To uplift someone,  see the self and others with totally pure vision. When I have a vision of dislike or see defects in others, it’s my mistake!  However, with a strong heart instead of moving away from someone you remain resilient, merciful and kind.

A Pure and Loving Heart  Spiritual love has great power as we all have the same spiritual Father, who loves us unconditionally. Let the feeling inside be the same for everyone. Look at each person with spiritual vision and interact with brotherly love. See only specialties in others, then others won’t see your faults either. Effort is made from a loving heart rather than for show. When we give and speak with deep love, it touches the heart of the other and they don’t forget. For this you need to know God well and deeply, so your intellect (your conscience) becomes clean, free from waste, and your heart is full of pure love and peace.

A Happy Heart: When the door of your heart is always open, God does the rest and everything happens naturally; this is called having a Happy Heart!


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