Message of Hope – Live Life on Purpose or Live Life by Accident

If we don’t live life on purpose we live life by accident. This is why Internally some days may feel like a motorway pile up.  People’s minds today are racing, hence their cars are also racing. Accidents often happen because of haste.  It is neither necessary nor desirable to rush.  When our mind is at peace whilst driving we arrive on time in a timely manner! Use your time at the traffic signal for remembering this, for remembering God and for remaining peaceful.  Remember, your thoughts create your world!

Similar to a speeding car, uncontrolled scattered thoughts pose a safety threat.  Unless we use the internal brake of mental control, we may crash.  Mental control helps us slow down and steer our thoughts before moving ahead on the high speed journey of life.  To practice controlling the speed of thoughts, pause several times during the day. Slow down.  Do everything in total awareness of being a soul.  Since our physical life has no guarantee on its duration, remain fearless by remembering, “this body is made of matter, is constantly changing and perishable, but the soul is imperishable. I will never die.”  Become aware of this deepest inner space of yourself, separate from the body, filled with divine qualities untouched by the fast pace of life in this current imperfect world.  This point of stillness, always perfect and pure, is where an enriching experience of silence is filled in the soul.

There is no need to withdraw from daily life to experience and maintain a calm collected internal state. For this experience, I simply allocate time each day to spaces of stillness and meditation.  One pure and positive thought may look like a tiny spark, but if nourished everyday, it can change your whole life. To remain accident free, when your eyes open in the morning, sit for a moment and hold onto a peaceful thought. appreciate the gift of a new day.  Think less, slowly, but think well. During the day, think and do only one thing at a time. Avoid multitasking. Whilst eating, chew and taste the food consciously; then swallow and appreciate!  Notice only your breath… in … and out. By doing these exercises, the mind slows down, becomes clear and thoughts become powerful. Feel how your being is filled with vibrant energy. The only thing that goes fast is the successful progress of your life!!

Nurturing the inner being in this way, allows me to take care of my home, work and family affairs, remain accident free and yet continue giving  without depleting myself! See each day as an opportunity to make each thought one of good wishes and each action one of benefit to the self and others.

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