Message of Hope – CHOOSE FREEDOM

Many people think the purpose of their life is to survive, and they use the language of survival in this way: “Life is hard out there. You must get whatever you can”.  Subconsciously they believe this is why they are here, but are not aware they themselves have chosen this purpose! This often makes them think they must accumulate, take and create barriers to protect themselves and compete with others.

Now we have spiritual knowledge and ability to choose a different purpose using our empowered free will to create change. The solution is to remind oneself to fly free. Where to begin? Talk to yourself: “I can fly!” To FLY means to First Love Yourself.  Pause and experience the feeling.  We’re most alive when we love ourselves; it makes us strong and brave to free ourselves from our desires, attachments, and old thought forms. I am free to change as I am much wiser, stronger and stable no matter what happens. Always believe in yourself.  A bird sitting in a tree is free and never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.

You can make your mind peaceful in a second. Just shut the door on peacelessness. Use the Power to Pack Up!  Past is past.  Put a full stop. Let go and be free of those old memories, worries and tensions. Accept that you cannot change the past.  Be in the present; check yourself within and change. Move from expectations to acceptance, hurt to healing, and anger to compassion and experience inner freedom.

The very ground of our being, where all our thoughts come, is silence.  To be internally silent; do not think too much.  One positive thought in one second helps us empower ourselves quickly. When you arrive in your own silence and your mind and senses become quiet and peaceful you will know true freedom and real power. The way  to freedom is through meditation where I can train the mind to consciously choose the right type of thoughts, and change this deep and very old habit of creating the wrong type of thoughts whenever I am faced with a negative situation.  Take time to empower yourself. Stop, take a minute, and listen to the silence within you today. Connect your mind to the Source and allow yourself to recharge and renew. By keeping a very deep connection of love with God, you will discover the language of the Supreme so you  can help others become free.

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