Message of Hope ‘As Within, So Without’ – Outer Space is nothing but a reflection of Inner Space

Labor Day is coming and back to school.  With these extra changes going on in this ‘age of busy’, this article would be helpful to enjoy these refreshing thoughts that remind us to slow down, even pause now and then to look within and enjoy our inner  beauty!

The treasures we seek are not outside but within ourselves – beauty, truth, peace, happiness. We have everything we need.  By looking beneath we become aware of our greatness.    “It is not just that you say, “I am fine,” but that you really feel that you are fine. Your stage should remain so happy that others would ask: How does this one always remain so well? For this to happen, you must be truly smiling in your thoughts from your heart, not just superficially.” – Dadi Janki. 

We live in the age of ‘busy’.  Busy people not only do a lot, they think a lot and often the smile gets lost. The origins of ‘busy’ are mental. Being lost in thought, thinking constantly about things to do, and what others did or are doing, is not only tiring, but also a brilliant way to waste energy.   We spend so much time ‘making up’ our faces to ensure a beautiful appearance, yet we forget to ‘make up our mind’ to ensure our thoughts and feelings are positive and filled with good wishesA better world requires we become aware of our inner beauty; to use our positive qualities and see the good within each soul.  It should be easy for others to understand me and to understand God.  If my life becomes complicated, how will they experience God in my presence?

As we grow in strength in our spiritual life, we give up the habit of worrying.  Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace. Can the body think, make decisions or have the ability to judge, to feel?   No, it is the soul. The soul is the ‘being’ part of the human being and performs the tasks of thinking and feeling. The soul is the most valuable resource in my possession. The soul is right behind the eyes, but separate from the body. Recognize, Use and Be this valuable resource.

Thoughts created by the soul travel, moving at a great speed with considerable impact.  Let the thought of peace sit in my mind, knowing  the vibes from my thoughts radiate out and quickly touch any person, any place.  The call of time is to connect to God in meditation and send thoughts of peace and power to the world.

Turn your attention and awareness within.  Allow your mind and being to be quiet and still, and you will rediscover, ‘as within, so without’.  When I realize outer space is but a reflection of inner space, I want to inculcate a habit, where my thought patterns are only those which I like, right, positive and powerful no matter what happens. Transforming the world is the natural outcome of transforming ourselves This requires much practice! but the benefits are unlimited!

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