Message of Hope – A True Ruler First Learns to Rule Himself

Message of Hope

A hole exists in the heart of our education system. It is where the skills and abilities of self-management should be. No one teaches us how to govern ourselves, how to manage our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour, so we find it hard to manage relationships, roles, responsibilities, and resources.

To understand how to manage the self, we must recognize the difference between what is original and true in us and what is acquired and false. We experience hope when aware of our original goodness. Without the hope and zeal to do something good in our lives, we were just moving along as the world wanted us to, and lost the original goodness deeply embedded within us.   When I connect to God and hold Him in my awareness, I draw that original truth and powerful pure energy back into myself. Connecting to this pure source of Goodness, I realize the flood of critical, wasteful and negative  thoughts does not belong to me; it has been acquired and robs me of my hope and energy.  I naturally put a full stop to them.

“Keep your face towards the Sun, (the Light of God), and you won’t be bothered by shadows.” – Dadi Janki.

Everything, which means everything in our life, begins with our thoughts. When we learn to manage our mind we keep our thoughts simple and use our time well.  Recognise I alone am responsible for my thoughts and feelings. Our destiny is always in our own hands.  When thoughts are simple, not complicated, we live a simple life and become a sample for others.  Simple means to consciously choose the quality of our thoughts – accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and clean up the waste.  Communicate first in silence through thoughts and then through words.  Once we know about good mental conduct, we perform good actions rather than talk a lot and not do what we say.

Self-management means to enjoy the ability to influence, encourage, and empower another to change by always starting with acceptance. We all find occasion to show negative behavior, to reject and resist another person. We like to put up a fight against anything we dislike on the evening news as we spectate the world.  But we forget by resisting mentally or physically, we empower the object of our resistance.

Managing my mind means to look to myself first rather than blaming others and situations.  With acceptance and love, not regret or revenge, the situation dilutes, transforms or evaporates! Acceptance with a smile does not mean everything is perfect.  It means our state of mind is perfect!  Success is guaranteed!

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