‘Meditation for Medics’ : Public Event at Global Co-operation House, London

London ( UK ): ‘We thoroughly loved every moment of the evening… I was telling my children and family and we would like to enrol on the Raj Yoga course’  ‘Thanks for the BK introductions… it was such a positive vibe from all the doctors we met.’

This gathering was the inspiration of Heart surgeon, Professor Prakash Punjabi, Consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital and who works across the North West London health trusts, drew many medical colleagues and friends to attend this special event to introduce over 70 people from the medical profession to Raja Yoga Meditation and its benefits when taken up as a practise.

BK Sister Jaymini welcomed everyone, many of whom were present in Global Co-operation House for the first time.

Sister Jaymini thanked everyone present for all the support and services that NHS and doctors have provided since the beginning of Covid.

BK Sister Jayanti, BK Sister Sudesh, and Professor Prakash Punjabi lit candles to appreciate all the work done.

One minute’s silence was held to mark respect for all those who have departed since the start of the covid19 pandemic two years ago, as well as for all those who continue to serve in the NHS and front line medical services.

Professor Prakash, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, London UK introduced himself and thanked the BKs for organising and bringing everyone together.

I am privileged to be associated with Brahma Kumaris. It is a personal honour. As doctors, we take a Hippocratic oath. We chose medicine because we wished to serve patients. When we get an opportunity to serve BKs it must be that we have been super selected. (He was responsible for the care of BK Sudesh with her recent heart surgery.) All we do is medical management of physical ailments. There is a far bigger sickness, the social, mental, emotional sickness, a far bigger role needed… that the BKs do. Any knowledge we gain over the years within the medical profession falls short of what the BKs do. I feel it is a privilege and an honour to serve. The power BK Sudesh distributed on the second day in intensive care… she seemed to be looking after us, yet we needed to look after her. This is the power of spirituality.

Pro. Prakash introduced BK Dr Sarah Eagger, who shared about the work of the Janki Foundation, Global Hospital in Mount Abu and Spirituality in Health Care programme. She shared how Dadi Janki would tell them that the souls in healthcare need serving and helping – with spirituality teaching resilience and coping skills as well as remaining authentic in the purpose of these caring roles, how to remain calm and compassionate through it all. She mentioned the ‘happidote’ app as a tool to support healthcare professionals with self-care and managing difficulties in the workplace using spiritual skills. Also, various publications support both patients and carers, such as ‘Lifting our Spirits’ and ‘The Heart of Wellbeing’. She also mentioned the initiatives during lockdown such as ‘Embracing Isolation’ and the ‘Shining Light on Death’ online series to support people to ‘take the fear out of a natural process’.

Dr Sangeetha Punjabi,  Head of the department at Northwick Park Hospital, was introduced and shared:

“It is such a beautiful moment as we gather together without masks… we survived and have gone past these two years where our way of life was isolation. I have been asked to share my experience of this iconic organisation. There is a sense of calm and peace that this place exudes. I came across the BKs at a doctors conference and I was completely mesmerised by what I was listening to. Although we think we know it all and are able to deal with it all, the stresses and strains and can handle everything… can we really deal with everything…. are we just skirting the sides… when the situation comes and we face the challenges, I feel the unrest, the stress, and dissatisfaction – how come we are unable to deal with it all … There is a deep dive that we all have to take… when the going is good we feel good but when the going is not so good we struggle…. we need this deep dive to understand, Who am I?

“I came out of my first Raja Yoga meditation session quite transformed. It is not about giving up what we are doing, but a way of living and the way and art of thinking that comes with practise. Without practise we cannot deal with anything. If we don’t practise our affirmations or morning chants of what we wish our day to be and how we react to situations, I realise it doesn’t come to my rescue. To bring it to life or rescue is to spend some time with the self…

“Raja yoga meditation teaches us to go within the self. The biggest block to me feeling good or happy is the self. The way I deal with any situation is according to how I process… This is a realisation of how to deal with this block, and there are many ways and techniques to learn to help us with this. The other realisation is that we don’t have to give up anything. It is not about renouncing pleasures but looking at it all differently… I am so glad and grateful to have found this journey and that there is this path in which we can experience the joys of family life and work but tools to learn the art of thinking and dealing with situations.”

A clip from Seeds of Change was shown before BK Sister Sudesh, European Director of Brahma Kumaris, was invited to speak:
• You have understood the meaning of Om Shanti? We are very pleased to see all of you especially from the profession where it is the quality of love, care and attention, dedication and serving through practical life.
• What does one need in life…. health, wealth, harmony and wisdom….
• Wisdom is most important and subtle, yet what is it that is visible: health.
• We are very happy so many instruments who take care of health are gathered here. Health is a type of wealth.
• When someone leaves the body, in Hindi, they say this one’s health has gone. The physical body is personal property and life companion. Which partner is so faithful? The day the soul, the living energy, came and entered the body it
became so faithful. We never hear that the body left the soul! It is the soul that leaves the body.
• What is soul? Soul is the character and both are connected. This body creates the physical family.
• A valuable life is a healthy life. Character is the main thing. The main aspect is the energy of the soul.
• The body takes care of the soul or does the soul take care of the body? The body supports the soul… if the body is not here then we cannot speak… but if the soul is not present the body cannot move… both are valuable.
• Today I feel a very special atmosphere. Doctors are trustees of the bodies…patients are dependent on doctors. Doctors are considered to use Godly qualities… mercy and love; day and night awake and helping others.
• Meditation ignites the power of the inner light to enable the soul to handle the body… because the body is energy, but does not think or make decisions… it doesn’t perform action on its own.
• The soul is the living energy, the living light in the temple of the body. When it is lit, we can keep the mind and body healthy and clean.
• Today the message is that meditation means igniting the light and when this is lit darkness automatically goes without a fight as when light exists darkness naturally goes away. Fear, tension and worry go away.
• All the negative traits stop when we keep the mind clean and peaceful. The intellect also becomes divine so that the character and actions become disciplined and powerful. With light, three things emerge.
• When the Inner light is lit, it spreads vibrations of peace, love and lightness. Meditation helps us to cure and heal our body as well as relationships. It brings health, wealth and happiness.
• This all comes through a relationship with the Supreme Being

Another short video on ‘global change, a spiritual view’ by Hollywood film producer John Levoff was shown endorsing the work of the Brahma Kumaris.

BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Head of Brahma Kumaris, and BK representative at the United Nations, met the gathering:
• It is lovely being here with so many from a profession that is serving the world
• These days there is a big supermarket of many ‘meditations’. There are many methods and we could spend our whole life experimenting with each one. I will share a simple method that we use and it won’t take long.
• We have heard of the soul:
• I know everything about the identity of the physical form and I have heard about the soul many times.
• We have also heard of the infinitesimal spark of energy behind the forehead…it is thinking, measuring, understanding, remembering. It is who I am.
• There is no individual that is like you the soul. The personality of each and every individual soul is unique. There is not a second one like you. Reflecting on the inner beauty of the soul is uplifting.
• Looking at things with the ‘I’ of this understanding creates a vast difference of perception.
• When we look with physical perception it is different to when we start to look with the eye of understanding. Another energy flows and we go beyond the associations of barriers of colour, caste, gender, etc.
• We see the soul shining in the forehead, we make a connection where there is empathy and understanding.
• We are able to tune into that individual and it has a huge impact on our relationships with one another.
• Think of the self and experiment with the idea that I am the inner being, the living being. This can be a lot of fun and helps us extinguish problems and issues. This is all Step One.
• Step Two: There is one soul who has maximum love, peace, truth, joy: with all the positive attributes, The Supreme. Many are superior but he is Supreme… Paramatma… greater than the mahatmas, the devatmas. There is only one Paramatma.
• Meditation here is Raja Yoga… union and connecting with The Divine, The Source of all positive attributes.
• In silence we go inwards and connect with this Being and something powerful starts to happen as we connect ourself to the Source and all these qualities reach us and it is not imagination but it is magical.
• The magic of knowing the self and connecting with The One.
• We don’t have to regulate breath, stop thoughts, or sit in strange postures. Just sit comfortably and let the thoughts flow in the direction of the inner being and the Divine. Two easy steps to learn to meditate. There is then a huge understanding of karma and what is going on out there and how to make a difference…
• We can do this now…  it is possible whether we have meditated or not before

Sitting quietly
I go on an inner journey
I come to the awareness of the inner being
The point of energy, the soul
Going within I visualise myself as the being of light
An infinitesimal spark of light
I hold this awareness
And begin to feel this inner light
I am a soul, I am here in this physical form, this very precious chariot
But the form is not me, it is separate
I am this being….
As I go deeper within the self…. my thoughts slow down
I come to the awareness of the soul
The being of peace
Peace is natural, is who I am
Peace is my original state of being
In this awareness of peace
I feel the presence of the Divine
As my thoughts connect with The Divine
The Being of light
From the source of love, the ocean of love
The power of love surrounds me
The power of love begins to heal the soul
I can let go of worry, of fear
Of hurts of the past
The heart is able to open
There can be forgiveness
Forgiveness sets me free
The power of this divine love
Fills this chariot, this body of mine…
And I am filled with fresh energy and greater strength and greater capacity
The power of love and power of peace radiate out into the world
Reaching all souls, wherever they may be,
Comforting, supporting and healing
I hold this awareness and return to the present moment, here and now…
And I bring with myself the power of peace and the power of love
Thanks for sharing in this experiment and I hope you will try it out anytime, anywhere.

Question & Answer session led by Professor Prakash :

Q: We get affected by people, situations and circumstances. How can we control and deal with jealousy, hatred and anger. We are very junior in this…

A: There is something that I use, which is an image that from up above there is a canopy of love and peace protecting me. First and foremost I don’t get affected and I am able to keep my inner stability and don’t react. Then I will be able to give a positive response with whatever the other individual is in need of.  If I can share peace and light it will calm them down too.  My positive
response will evoke something of greater value.

In situations where we see anger, hatred and jealousy, what immediately comes in the mind… Before we tell someone not to get angry (which means I am influenced). These are fires, they burn the one who is experiencing it, and fire cannot be finished by fire.
We need to pour water. In order to protect the self, we need a fireproof dress by becoming a detached observer of this unlimited play with many characters. When we see each is a soul we use mercy and love… and then I give the power of good wishes… Meditation means connecting with my qualities and the Supreme Powerhouse… then we can feel we are pure and peaceful souls.
Another way to be merciful is to see the soul and not the behaviour.

Q: We live lives of attachments… electronic attachments, monetary attachments, and relationship attachments. We do accept a lot of baggage. How do we lighten our loads of attachments and extravagance?

A: I ask myself the question, if I am attached to this chair, will I be free or in bondage… can I carry it wherever I go. It will be a hindrance wherever I go. If we change the word from attachment to possessiveness we start to have an understanding. Then we see how damaging or dangerous it is for the self and for others. Soul consciousness gives me the possibility of being detached.
Detached from things around me, but being able to use what I need at a time of need. If I am possessive it drains energy and deprives me of my freedom and space.

Q: If we consider the original qualities of the soul, love, peace, joy, purity, love, and truth, and yet we are living in this world and constantly battling the energies of lust, greed and attachment… if we bring medicine and meditation together in the way we interact with the patients and subjects we serve, according to the Hippocratic Oath we would be close to the qualities.
Yet there is also the way we interact with each other and there is often a deep conflict with serving patients and also the training model that is set up which is highly competitive and excellence is the goal but arrogance is the by-product. How can we recharge ourselves and also address this?

A: There is a different approach we can use, which is that of cooperation. We know it is not possible for me to achieve anything alone. When we understand that it is cooperation that allows us to achieve excellence and that competition destroys creativity and the ego rises up, it is damaging for the self and others too. Cooperation enables the highest to emerge so that together we can achieve excellence.
It is important to exercise and practise how to handle situations. Life is an examination and we have to prepare the papers for the self. Raja Yoga brings solutions rather than focusing on the problems and this changes the energy for teamwork.

Q: Why can we not introduce this meditation into the NHS? Mental health is a big issue and now the time is right to bring this in.
A: Dr Sarah Eagger is doing work with a working group from the Royal Society of Psychologists, who are looking into this offering.

Q: How do parents and children who think in different ways, although they love each other, help each other? 
A: We just have to expand our hearts as parents and give a huge amount of love and understand the forces around us today are very negative. Children are exposed to so much and we have to understand this, and not expect respect and obedience from them. They will always turn to us for guidance and advice if there is love. In the home, we can remind them of their goodness and create
the energy of acceptance.

Q: As a beginner how do we start and create a clear mind and process?
A: Experiment with meditating for a minute (one can use Just-A-Minute JAM meditations), and see if beneficial, then you will find your concentration span will increase. There are lots of courses that can help you, all courses are free and online. Vibrations are important. If our thoughts are positive, pure and powerful and then we feel it and the system of the body works with it…. then we are keeping vibrations of power and this will subtly help them.

Q: One thing that makes me impatient in this fast-paced era is when nothing happens on time and in the NHS we say ‘nothing happens soon’…and I lose my temper when things don’t happen for the patient. What to do?
A: It sounds simple yet highly effective: hold breath and count to five… and come back to seeing the self in the forehead, and let the light shine inside and you will feel everything has calmed down inside of you. Otherwise, impatience and anger complicate matters hugely. My being calm and steady, then we can deal with things comfortably. Visualise that light within and it will make a difference.
When there is a conflict in the workplace, and I learn not to react and stay centred and let them feel the power, it makes me feel successful.

Q: Sometimes it is difficult to disassociate from different relationships. How do we go from being a parent, to a spouse, to being a GP? How do we deal with this?
A: It is not in the moment when we can turn on the tap and be peaceful in different relationships. It is a continuous practise that we need to have. To spend time quietly, reading something that is connected with spirituality then that plants the seeds in the mind for the rest of the day. Carry some meditation thoughts with you, rather than think about others. Listen to beautiful things, and it will bring about a change in your thinking. When we listen to something that we enjoy then the mind moves in a different direction. Practise again and again and you will feel the essence. There are free meditations available.

Prof Prakash and BK Sister Jaymini thanked everyone.

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