Media Seminars on Positive Journalism by Uttarakhand Brahma Kumaris

Uttarakhand : The Brahma Kumaris Uttarakhand organized media seminars at its Uttarakashi, Srinagar Garhwal, Joshimath and Gopeshwar Centres. The general theme of these seminars were ‘Positive Journalism – the Need of The Hour‘ and ‘Empowerment of Media Professionals‘. Many professionals from the print, electronic and cyber media participated in these events. The chief speaker was Professor Kamal Dixit, Former Head of the Journalism Department at Makhanlal Chaturvedi University in Bhopal.

Speaking on this occasion, Professor Dixit said that the society expects a lot from its journalists. Media has the potential to bring constructive change in the society. Positive Journalism is the need of the present times. If the media highlights positive issues, these will surely gather momentum in the society.

BK Sushant, National coordinator of the media wing of the Brahma Kumaris from Delhi, and BK Karamchand, Coordinator of the media wing, Punjab Zone from Mohali, also shared their views. Spiritual principles can empower media professionals to handle the stressful nature of their work. Rajayoga Meditation is an effective way to accomplish this.

BK Usha guided all in practicing Rajayoga meditation to experience vibrations of peace and happiness.