“Making choices that care for ourselves and the planet” – A conversation on scientific knowledge and spiritual awareness

Brahma Kumaris hosted an online event in collaboration with Faith for the Climate, as a contribution to Green Faith’s Living the Change project. 

The speakers were Canon Giles Goddard, Chairperson of the Faith for the Climate network and Vicar of St John’s Church, Waterloo, London; Sister Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris Centres for Europe and the Middle East; and Prof. Dr. Mark Lawrence, scientific director at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam.

When it comes to such a crucial issue as climate change, we may sometimes doubt whether our individual choices can make any kind of meaningful impact on a situation of such magnitude and complexity.  Yet the kind of change needed today will not happen just through hope or wishful thinking. It may only be when each one of us takes that personal responsibility to make changes in our own lives that we will see the kind of quantum shift needed in the world to bring about transformational change.  To explore the importance of our choices today, we join three speakers in conversation who are all leaders in their field, three people whose lives and choices have for many years reflected their value and caring for the Earth.

Watch the event here:


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