“Love and Benevolence” – ‘Values for Life’ Series on 14 and 28 February

We heartily welcome you for the upcoming February Episodes of “Values for Life” Series. Join us for Episode 7(LOVE) on 14th February with BK Ken O’Donnell from Brazil, and for Episode 8(BENEVOLENCE) on 28th February with BK Charlie Hogg from Australia.

Kindly note the information details and joining links below.

  • “Values for Life” Series, Episode # 7

Topic:         LOVE 

Speaker:  BK Ken O’DonnellBrazil, Brahma Kumaris Co-ordinator Latin America

Date:          Sunday, 14th February 2021 (1 hour session)

Time:          8:00 PM (India), 2:30 PM (UK), 3:30 PM (Germany), 6:30 PM (Dubai), 5:30 PM (Nairobi, Africa), 10:30 PM (Malaysia), 11:30 AM (Brazil), 6:30 AM (West Coast US/Can), 9:30 AM (East Coast US/Can)

  • “Values for Life” Series, Episode # 8

Topic:         BENEVOLENCE

Speaker:   BK Charlie HoggsSydney, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Australia

Date:           Sunday, 28th February 2021 (1 hour session)

Time:          10:00 AM (India), 4:30 AM (UK), 3:30 PM (Sydney), 8:30 AM (Dubai), 7:30 AM (Nairobi, Africa), 12:30 PM (Malaysia),

Westcoast – US/Canada: Saturday, 27th February :  8:30PM

Join directly on Zoom –  https://brahmakumaris.zoom.us/j/92528087710

Join on YouTube Live –   

In English –     http://omshanti.live/English

In Hindi –         http://omshanti.live/Hindi

The videos will be available on the given YouTube links for few days, if you missed it live. Video of all previous episodes are available in the video section of our website, at :  https://www.vihasa.in/


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