‘Looking After Ourselves’ : A mind, body and spirit event on Febraury 12

A mind, body and spirit event for people living with cancer and their care-givers.

Join us for an afternoon of reflection, insights, tips and tools to help make the journey through cancer an empowering & rewarding experience.


Contributors include:
Lernor Findlay, cancer survivor, retired social worker and meditation teacher.
Dr Sunil Gupta, Consultant Haemato-oncologist and Clinical Director of Haematology and Cancer at a London hospital.
Tessa Guy, Founder of The Diamond Project – a programme of healing and Self-transformation.
Damyanti Patel, Cancer survivor and retired nurse with 47 years of nursing, health promotion and developing cancer services.
Priti Wasnik, Raja Yoga meditation teacher who has worked with cancer patients in the community.

BOOKING & MORE AT:  www.tinyurl.com/lookafterourselves


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