Live Show of “11 Forms of Deity Durga” by Brahma Kumaris of Tikrapara

Bilaspur ( Chhattisgarh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Tikrapara, Bilaspur, in Chhattisgarh held a live presentation of all 11 forms of Deity Durga at CJ Patel ground in Dayalband.  An enthusiastic public visiting to have a vision of all Goddesses at a time, all live, was very consistent until late at night.

Speaking to the public on the importance of Rajayoga to become tension-free, BK Manju, Tikrapara Centre in Charge, said, “Our routine of living is against the laws of Nature. We keep on waking when we are supposed to sleep, and at Amritvela or Brahma Muhurth at 4 am instead of waking up we are in deep sleep.” That’s why it is said, “Were you sleeping when God came to make your destiny?” She said, “Early at 4 am is the appropriate time for Meditation, Physical exercises and Pranayama. By that we get charged. Since we fail in this routine, we fail to face the challenges of life and that brings us under tension.”

Explaining about Devi Navratri, she said that it is the Festival of Truth winning over Falsehood and Ego. We enjoy burning the effigy of the ten-headed Ravan, but unless we put an end to our Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego, Jealousy, Hatred, Dislikes, Laziness and Carelessness from within us, it is not a real Dashera. These are the demon ten heads of Ravan. All the 11 forms of Durga are also called Shiv Shakti. By the Powers of God Shiva, they kill all demons such as the negative human traits mentioned. She said that Nav means New, some change, and Ratri stands for sorrow, peacelessness, darkness, ignorance. So, removal of these from our life is the Festival of Navratri.

Along with all 11 live forms of Goddess Durga, 64-year-old Pranav Sarkar, who is practicing Rajayog for 12 years, posed as the Demon Mahishasur and a 10-year-old boy Ishan Lal Chandani as a Rajayogi sitting on a lotus for 5 hours were the main attraction.

An ovation with burning camphor was offered to the Deities by Mr. Girish, Officer from the Irrigation Department; Mr. Naresh Agrawal, Insurance Surveyor; and Members of the Gujrati and Bengali society.