Jabalpur Brahma Kumaris Participate in ‘Roko Toko’ Police Awareness Campaign

Jabalpur ( Madhya Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris of Jabalpur participated in a ‘Roko Toko Campaign’ by the Jabalpur police and Vision Jabalpur Organization.  Under this Campaign, the residents of the area were given tips on how to stop the spread of Covid and Omicron virus by the correct use of mask and sanitizer. In addition,  mass awareness was created regarding traffic rules. A Tableau of ‘Yatayaat Rath‘ or transport chariot was on display at this occasion.

Siddharth Bahuguna, SP Jabalpur; Sanjay Kumar Aggrawal, Additional Superintendent of Police,  Chowkiyer, DSP; and Rajendra Singh of Vision Jabalpur,  were present at this event.  They distributed masks to the people.  It was said that small precautions can prevent big accidents.  BK Varsha, BK Bhoomi, BK Geeta, along with other members of the Brahma Kumaris family were also present.

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