“Inner Strength in a World of Transition” – ECO Programs in Chile

Chile ( South America ): BK Sonja from Copenhagen, Denmark and BK Golo from Germany visited Chile as part of the preparation for the planned UN climate change conference COP25. The conference has meanwhile been moved to Spain due to civil unrest. They conducted programs in the main center and in Viña del Mar and experienced a growing interest in climate change and how to link spirituality to such issues.

BK Golo shared about the present environmental state of the world, what Brahma Kumaris is doing in the area of renewable energy and finally how our thoughts and awareness are connected to the world. The message that meditation is essential for creating a new world in harmony was received very well. BK Sonja presented the 10 ways to change the world and how our positive values can help shaping our daily decisions.

Presentations were given on the topics ” Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet at Vina del mar and “A World in Transition” at Santiago.

Some points from the presentations :

~ For any change making process three questions needs to be considered: Where are we? Where do we want to go? How to get there?

Where are we? Fast changes in climate change, loss of biodiversity, political upheaval etc. Sea level rise and drastic changes in the weather in the horizon. Forests burn and coral reefs dying.

Where do we want to go? We all want a beautiful, just and balanced world.

How to reach there? Raise Awareness, change in lifestyle, reduction of carbon foot print, use renewable energy and finally a bit of magic – to become a healer.

~ Meditation increases your social competence and emotionally intelligence, relaxes, improves health.

~ In an increasing polarized world, focus on positive values plays an increasingly important role. They will help me to stay an enthusiastic changemaker. They will help me to keep my heart open in a world where hearts close more and more.