“Inner Peace, Inner Power” Silence Retreat in Tagaytay City, Phillipines

Tagaytay City (Philippines):Inner Peace, Inner Power,” a Silence Retreat, was conducted at the BK Retreat Center in Tagaytay City, in the Philippines.  This Retreat, mainly focused on the BK Raja Yoga lessons of Karma and the Eight Spiritual Powers, was attended by 29 participants who had joined previous “Inner Peace, Inner Power” (IPIP) retreats.

Attendees came from various backgrounds, including the arts, science, the corporate setting, legal practice, social work, government service, overseas work, etc.  They recalled how they came to their first retreat in the past with a lot of baggage — mainly from their work and personal circumstances — and were able to work out their struggles after putting into practice what they had learned from meditation and the sessions.  Several participants showed keen interest in joining the Peace of Mind Retreat in Mount Abu.