India Road Safety Motor Bike Rally Bring Awakening Regarding Safety To Mankind

Lucknow ( Uttar Pradesh ): Under the ‘75th Independence Day Festival to Golden India’ campaign program, the “India Road Safety Motor Bike Rally” on Road and Travel (RERF) organized a road rally which was initiated by Munshi pulia center of Brahma Kumaris.

Inauguration  of the rally was done by Rajendra Kumar Tiwari (IAS) President, Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.  The rally was flagged off by BK Jayashree.  The main objective of this rally was to bring awakening regarding safety to mankind.

The chief guest of this program was, Mr. RK Tiwari ji, President, Uttar Pradesh State Transport, who gave road safety tips and shared his concern regarding the increasing number of road accidents in India.  He informed that administration not only, is working on increasing the consciousness regarding  the awareness towards road safety, but is simultaneously working on other measures as well  such as expenses are incurred on treatment, minor injury, in hospitals,  providing insurances etc. but it is very important that every individual takes his personal responsibility on this subject or else will make oneself miserable. Giving an example, he said that this precious life should be taken care of and should monitor vehicle speed on road.

Mr. Tiwari continued sharing that the impulsive behavior of majority on road portrays the lack of discipline in us somewhere.  He asked everyone to leave the ego and practice happy and safe driving on the road as every individual  on the road is a family. He said that we should be safe on the road and safe in life too. Only government efforts are not enough.  It is everyone’s personal responsibility to keep one’s life travel and road travel safe.

Appreciating the Brahma Kumaris for taking steps towards this beautiful endeavor, he said  that  along with road safety training, this training of meditation to experience happiness and peace  is also very necessary.

On this occasion BK Jayshree, the Incharge of the Brahma Kumaris Center, said that road accidents are the reflection of our negative emotions somewhere. Somewhere in our mind there is a reflection of anger, addiction and negativity.  She emphasized on the need that if every person,  calms down his mind, and connects to Almighty god for just one second before continuing for the journey, he will and can save himself from accidents and deadly experiences.  And can experience that power and peace with in one’s self.

Bring it into practice and life will become really happy.  Didi also said that  we will continue to do these type of rallies to bring awareness in the society so that we can become powerful and Can contribute build the society strong and make India stable i.e. Golden India.

All the dignitaries, member and invited guests sitting in the meeting of  this rally had a pleasant feeling and feeling of peace.  In this meeting, Commissioner Transport, many RTO officers  and ARTO Trans-gomti area also joined and took advantage of this gathering on the launch of the rally.

This rally  started from Indira Nagar on Brahma Kumaris Marg and pass through trans – gomti area of Lucknow.   The first run of the rally in Indira Nagar was well supported and popular and  services were provided in many motor showrooms , so that the employees of the place were given road safety related services.

The information was received and everyone resolved to bring it in their lives and to create this world a beautiful world.

Also  they all decided to practice meditation, to bring life to life by the beautiful method of meditation, and practice road safety  not only on the road but also on the road of life and stay happy and healthy.


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