Mateshwari Jagdamba Saraswati : Incarnation of knowledge and powers

The practice of Raja Yoga gives positive direction in life, helps create pure thoughts – Brahma Kumari Babita

Supaul ( Bihar ): Under the aegis of Brahma Kumaris, Simrahi Bazar, the 57th Memorial Day of Mateshwari Jagdamba Saraswati, the first chief administrator of Brahma Kumaris, was celebrated as ‘Spiritual Wisdom Day’ at the local BK center on Friday.

The program was inaugurated by local service center in-charge Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Babita, Circle Officer Preeti Kumari, professional Anil Mahato, social worker Professor Baijnath Prasad Bhagat, Raghuveer Bhagat, Ganesh Jaiswal, PACS President Krishna Kumar, Prabhakar Kumar, Madhu Devi Dr. Rabindra Biswas, Sub Inspector Bhupendra Prasad Singh, Brahma Kumar Kishore Bhai ji, Santosh Purve, et al., starting by garlanding the picture of Mateshwari ji, offering flowers, and lighting the lamp.

Giving her address, Center in-charge Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Babita, while describing the specialty of Mateshwari’s life, Mama was an embodiment of maturity, she was a mastani of divine knowledge, used to listen and absorb each and every word of God with great love, lessons of drama were very firm. Mama used to always keep her aim in mind and everyone can see the signs of the goddess through her face and appearance. Her goal was, I have to become virtuous, character and valuable. Spirituality, self-respect and love in all relationships were the main concepts of her life. As a mother she had a soft nature and uttered sweet words and wanted to remove everyone’s sorrow, Under any circumstance Mama did not get angry, did not get into passion. Mama was an embodiment of peace, an idol of love. Mama used to live in solitude, wake up every morning at 2:00 am and go into solitude in remembrance of God.

BK Babita said that Raja Yoga Meditation is such a method which acts as nectar for a person. In life we ​​get a healthy body and healthy mind through the practice of Raja Yoga. At the same time, it also builds a healthy society. Explaining the importance of Yogasan, Pranayama and Raja Yoga meditation to everyone, she guided them in doing Yogasan.

She said that Brahma Kumaris are involved in propagating India’s ancient and Sanatan Rajyoga Vidya (education), culture, and art of living a positive and healthy life, for the last 8 decades, all over the world including India. She said that yoga is needed when a person crosses his limit in diet, behavior, thoughts, conduct and walks on unrighteousness. Then God comes and teaches yoga. According to the Gita, along with the establishment of the divine world, that is, the golden world, by yoga, thoughts like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, etc., are destroyed.

The chief guest of the program, Circle Officer Preeti Kumari, while giving her remarks, said that where science ends, yoga works there. It is far ahead of science. She highlighted the importance of the word Om, where it is a word that shows that God is one and He is not separate to any religion. On the strength of yoga, society can be united free from the web of religions. Praising the Brahma Kumaris, she said that they change our lives by giving the true introduction of God.

Senior Brahma Kumar Kishore did yoga practice by chanting mantras, and through Raja Yoga commentary he guided everyone in feeling at peace.



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