Inauguration of ‘Mobile Dental Clinic’ for Oral Screening to prevent cancer

Mumbai ( Maharashtra ): Mobile Dental Clinic for Oral Screening to prevent cancer was inaugurated in Mumbai under joint auspices of Watumull Sanatorium Trust(WST), Medical Wing RERF of Brahma Kumaris, and Rotary Club Bomba West(RCBW) on WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY, 2022, 31 May in the distinguished presence of Dr. Ashok Mehta, President of Medical Wing, BK Mira, Trustee WST, BK Godavari of Mulund and Rotarian President-designate  Devendra Sharma of RCBW.

The project plans to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use and its negative impact on health. It will sensitise people against the prevalent use of tobacco and gutka chewing, smoking of bidis and cigarettes leading to mouth and throat cancers, heart attacks, stroke, respiratory diseases, lung cancer, dementia, and reduced fertility. Tobacco reduces life expectancy by 13 years! More than 8 million die due to tobacco use in the world- a quarter from India. It is expected to rise significantly by 2030. It is the leading cause of preventable death globally. Tobacco is poisoning our planet throughout its lifecycle. Large amounts of water and pesticides are used for cultivation, and 84 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases- methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases are resulting in raised temperature on the planet. Cigarette butts contribute to plastic pollution which will take 10 years to degrade, contributing to pollution with arsenic, lead, and nicotine harmful to health.

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