“Happy Life & Healthy Society”- Launch of 50-Day Social Service Wing Campaign

Jammu:  On the premises of the Brahma Kumaris at 248 A, BC Road, a launching ceremony of a Social Wing Campaign from Jammu to Mumbai on the topic “Happy Life & Healthy Society” was held in the presence of personnel from eminent Social Organisations of Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajayogi BK Amir Chand, Vice Chairperson of the Social Service Wing, Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation and Director of the Brahma Kumaris, Northern Zone, India.

BK Amir Chand enlightened the audience about the activities of the Social Service Wing.  He stated that the aim and objectives of this wing are to:
1) Awaken in people a sense of service, and inspire them to engage in spiritual social service
2) Make people aware of the secrets of happy and peaceful living, to inspire them for making a clean, healthy and happy society through purity and cleanliness of mind
3) Educate people to get rid of bad habits, blind faith and social evils
4) Boost the self-confidence, self-esteem, mental concentration and emotional fitness of people through the practice of meditation
5) Offer spiritual education and a simple system of meditation which can aid the eradication of substance abuse and addiction.

Chief Guest, Mr. Kavinder Gupta, Former Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, said that a person is the smallest unit of the society.  We must pay attention to our own actions and not copy other people. If one person is using the wrong means out of self-interest, we must check if it is good for society or not.

Sh. Karan Sharma, State Youth President, BJP, addressed the audience saying that a healthy social sector is the foundation of a strong nation. We, the general mass, builds the society and if society is well-educated and spiritually equipped enough to eradicate social evils then no one can stop the growth of a country.   The Brahma Kumaris are doing selfless service in elevating every sector of the society.

Prof. Onkar Chand from Mount Abu said that everyone should ask himself about what kind of society he/she wants, what we can contribute to the society.  Whatever we want to see in the society, we should start doing that in practical.

Rajayogini BK Shailja, Zonal Co-ordinator of the Social Service Wing, said that spiritual empowerment strengthens the will, makes one self-reliant, and equips one mentally to cope with adversity and hardship.  When social service organisations and their personnel collaborate with spiritual organisations such as this institution, the results will be of lasting value. She conducted a mass meditation for the whole gathering through a guided commentary. The audience deeply experienced peace of mind and had an out-of-the-world experience.

Personnel from renowned social organisations including J&K; Sh. Ashok Verma, Chairman, New Young Blood Organisation; Sh. Nirmal Gupta, President Rotary Astha; Capt. Sh. Purushotam Sharma, President, Bhagwan Satya Sain Baba trust; and Sh. Satish Bhatt, social worker, actively participated in the programme.

Gifts such as clothes and stationary items were distributed to the less privileged persons of the society. Sh. Ravi Bakshi, Asian Sales Corporation, presented a memento; Sh. Ashok Verma, Indian Jewelers, presented a Silver Maze (Gada); Sh. Subash Dhar, on behalf of K.K. Khosa, President, Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, presented a Chinar leaf memento; and Rajyogini BK Sudarshan presented a Felicitation Letter to Rajayogi BK Amir Chand.

BK Sudershan, Director, Brahma Kumaris Jammu, welcomed all the guests and in her interaction with the audience she said that everyone wants to see this world to be in perfect order. This is possible only if each one of us becomes like that. This society and world can be transformed if our thoughts, words and actions change. The inauguration of the programme for launching the campaign was done with a lamp lighting. Little children presented a welcome dance for the audience. An enormous amount of audience participated and took the benefit from this programme.  BK Ravinder coordinated the stage very well.