Happiness is a Choice, Not a Result, Being Happy Is The Only Way To Give Happiness

Happiness is a Choice Not a Result – Being Happy Is The Only Way To Give Happiness

Do you believe it is possible to feel happy and fulfilled constantly? It is possible, but it requires us to pay attention.  Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you.  Happiness is something we souls are, and it comes from the way we think. Happiness is a choice, not a result. Choose to have positive thoughts and a happy face and you will remain full of the treasures and healthy with the nourishment of happiness. What more does one need?  What we do for people does matter, but what matters most is how happy we were, while doing everything. Your treasures of happiness are unlimited. The more you spend, the more they increase.  When you look at each other, just smile.  When we smile sweetly from the heart and then speak to others, their hearts and also our hearts become happy.  Don’t judge others, stop seeing their defects or their old ways of behavior. Don’t keep anything of the past inside you, and don’t worry about the future. 

The enemy of happiness is worry.  Instead, here’s what to do to stop yourself from thinking wasteful thoughts: 

Choose Happiness. Make your happiness a decision and not a dependency.  No matter what happens, whether it is through the state of one’s own mind, other souls or the elements or atmosphere, I must not lose my happiness. Even if someone insults you or tries to bring you down, remember, ‘I must remain happy’.

Create thoughts and speak words that give peace and happiness and you will feel and receive the same. Our response to the situation determines our happiness.  The response begins with the thoughts our mind creates.  Feed the mind  with good thoughts to begin the day and nourish it continually with peace and love.

Become a spiritual weight watcher! Too many waste thoughts makes us mentally overweight, unhappy and physically tired.  Happy thoughts create positive energy and attract happy experiences. Remain constantly light. Pure, peaceful thoughts are light. Waste, worried thoughts are heavy. Maintain faith that everything is beneficial. The world is filled with worry and sorrow.  Do something different.  Focus instead on pure powerful thoughts, often choosing one thought and concentrating on it. Thought is the most powerful energy and reaches others in a second.

Love enables us to feel happy.  To flourish, love needs nourishing with spirituality, because when we demand love from the world around us, we destroy our ability to receive it.  The most elevated place to focus our minds and receive happiness and love is on God.  First, consider yourself to be a soul, a subtle being of light, and then connect your loving thoughts with God. Create a natural relationship with God with your mind and heart and be happy and fulfilled.  Remember, it’s up to you to choose to be happy! 

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