Green Day Celebrated at Brahma Kumaris HQ

Mount Abu (Rajasthan): In Madhuban (Head Quarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu), Green Day dedicated to the environment has become an annual event for BK foreigners. Many activities took place to refine our relationship with Mother Earth. The day began with a silent walk guided by BK David.

The participants could choose between four green conversations: “Serving the Elements” with BK Luciana from Brazil, “Yoga and the Creation of the Golden Age” with BK Golo, Presentation on “Yogic Farming” with BK Raju and BK Sumanth from the Rural Wing, and “Nature, Art and Healing – A Creative Workshop” with BK Sonja.

Later, BK Jayanti and BK Golo were interviewed by BK Sonja on Planetary Consciousness and the creation of the Golden Age.  The interview was about Planetary Consciousness – what is it exactly? Is it just something extra we need to learn, or can we just practice soul consciousness and that’s it? Which attitude or power is advised to BKs to practice for more sustainable living? What is the main blockage or resistance in sustainable living for BKs?  and many more topics were discussed and understood.