Grand Seminar at Rayat Bahra University, Kharar

Mental weaknesses are an obstacle in the progress of human beings – BK Mruthyunjaya

Mohali ( Punjab ): Educational institutions are temples of modern knowledge where human beings acquire understanding to enjoy health, wealth and happiness in life. Demerits weaken the productive power, in fact, mental weaknesses are the only obstacles in the progress of human beings which can be easily removed by spiritual knowledge. These thoughts were expressed by Rajayogi BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris from Mount Abu, as the chief guest in a workshop addressing the faculty in the packed auditorium of Rayat Bahra University Kharar.

BK Mruthyunjaya,  Chairperson of Education Wing of Raja Yoga Education and Research Foundation, further said that human beings have created tension in life themselves. Fear arises from injustice, condemnation, theft and sorrow. Today man adopts truth neither with himself nor in relations. Challenges come to everyone but with spiritual knowledge one can experience fearlessness, joy, happiness, peace. By making positive change in actions and behavior, one can become full of divine virtues like sweetness, truthfulness and selflessness. Today though people admire the deities but are not ready to become deities. He further said that Brahma Kumaris are engaged in social welfare in 140 countries of the world by giving such free education and everyone should derive benefits from these teachings.

Brahma Kumari Premlata, Incharge of Rajyoga Centres of Brahma Kumaris Mohali-Ropar Circle showered blessings and said that due to lack of spirituality and morality, there are disturbances, sins, unrest, impurity and other problems in the world. Today’s man is a slave of desires, but by exposing his inner powers with Raja Yoga, one can do welfare of himself, family, society, country and the world by re-establishing mental peace, harmony, brotherhood.

Brahma Kumari Shivika , Headquarters Coordinator of Education Wing from Abu, also expressed her views and said that due to body consciousness, human beings are becoming empty of its seven innate talents of knowledge, peace, purity, love, happiness, bliss and power. He tries to fill them with the attainments of material things, but does not experience satisfaction. She said that the charging of the soul can be done only from the real source i.e.God, for which Rajyoga is a very helpful tool.

On this occasion, Dean of the University, Dr. Inderpreet Kaur thanked and lauded role of Brahma Kumaris for rendering such selfless service and said that soon they would make a program to visit Mount Abu to understand and adopt these teachings more.

On behalf of the University, Dean honored BK Mruthyunjaya and BK Premlata by presenting them shawl and memento and Dean was also presented Godly gift and literature by Brahma Kumaris.

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