Grand Opening Celebration of Renovated BK Meditation Center in Boston

Boston, MA (U.S.A.): The 14th of May, 2022 dawned a bright and pleasant day with clear skies and a light breeze. Supreme Soul God Father Shiva’s flag waved on the green lawn of the newly renovated BK Meditation Center in Boston. Mother Nature seemed to welcome all the guests to experience this new space with this beautiful scene.

The grand opening celebrations began with a gathering of special invitees and VIP guests welcomed by the Center coordinators BK Rita and BK Dev. They shared the history of how Brahma Kumaris’ service in the Greater Boston area began in a small apartment, and how year by year the family continued to expand and grow into the new space we see today.

BK Sister Kala, the Director of Peace Village Retreat Center, served as our spiritual resource, and she spoke to the guests on the topic of “New Beginnings“.  She expressed that newness is actually a process of change from what already exists. She described the Raja Yoga meditation practice of the Brahma Kumaris and led everyone into a beautiful meditation experience. Each guest was presented with toil(holy sweet), blessings, and a gift, and all enjoyed the morning’s live entertainment by various artists.

That same afternoon, an open house was held, beginning with a live performance by local musician Stan Strickland, who is a renowned singer, saxophonist, and flutist. This ethereal experience was followed by Sister Kala’s sharing on:  “The Need for Meditation in These Times“. All enjoyed a deep experiential meditation session with her, complemented by live music in the background. BK Rita and BK Dev then invited everyone to come to the Center on a regular basis to learn Rajayoga meditation and participate in upcoming events.

As part of the open house, special spaces were created for youth and children to engage in creative activities and learn the benefits of practices like yoga exercises, calming the mind, and meditation. BK teachers were in a “meet and greet” session with the attendees to answer questions and inform them of the ongoing activities of the Center. Along with this, a full room of participants had an additional experiential meditation session.

This amazing day left the attendees feeling full of enthusiasm to return back to the Center for future programs and events. The next morning, was a special in the elevated presence of Sister Kala and Peace village guests.

The Center renovations were completed in November 2019, and it was inaugurated by BK Sister Mohini, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Americas along with BK’s from various BK centers in the US. However, due to COVID restrictions, the Center was not officially opened to the public until today.

This Grand opening ceremony to the public was a wonderful and long-awaited experience after the end of the covid lockdown.

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