Grand Mahashivratri Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris in Shantivan

Abu Road ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris celebrated the festival of Mahashivaratri with great fanfare in the Shantivan complex.  Rajyogini Dadi Ratanmohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris, unfurled a 50-foot-tall flag of the Supreme Soul God Father Shiva,  in the presence of all the senior members of Brahma Kumaris and thousands of others from all over India and abroad.

Dadi Ratanmohini, while addressing the gathering on this occasion said that Mahashivratri is a festival to become victorious over our negative tendencies.  We should offer our shortcomings to the Supreme Father with all humility, as He has the power to remove them. We must remember God at all times.

BK Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris, said that when we connect our life to God, we become very happy. On this festival,  we should get rid of anger, greed, lust, and ego forever.

BK Nirwair, Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, shared his blessings and good wishes with the audience.

BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris,  said that God is the Supreme Father of all beings. If we offer our shortcomings to Him, surely He can rectify those.

BK Munni, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris; BK Karuna, Multi-Media Head of Brahma Kumaris; and BK Mruthyunjaya,  Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, were also present.

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