Global Living Library presented by Om Sweet Home, Thailand

Om Sweet Home/Center of Learning
We welcome you all to step in to the world of light, officially introduced to our regional divine family in Asia pacific with Dr. Nirmala Kajaria during the festival of light to celebrate Diwali together online.
Global Living Library
The new global library will be a center of spiritual learning as well as open doors of wisdoms. It started with 8 principles of spiritual living shared by 8 spiritual books or 8 souls who are regular students then it will be scope to learn in all languages about all fields of study for all to explore a true spiritual education. It could be described as learning from others, growing through others, integrating with others, contributing to others.
Global living library is inspired to serve learning community with the same aim of Global cooperation for a better world, an international project organized by Brahma Kumaris in 1988. This global project has been carried on to put in to action plan for people of all walks of life to create a better self, better relationships and a better world.
For 18 years up to 2021, please join us in sharing your valuable thoughts in these years with friends’ family and any connection for the sake of true communication. Let us introduce our first eight principles of spiritual living with an essence subtracted from the book of Anthony Strano, who have 8 brothers and sisters to share their experience and essence on the topic, as date and time fixed as per your convenience.

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