Fly Kites for Peace from Your Backyard or Neighborhood Park – March 27 & 28

Cherry Blossom Kite Fly is March 27 and 28

In years past we have enjoyed flying our kites at the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival. We always bring lots of kites for visitors to decorate with peace messages as part or our initiative “Kites for Peace.”

This year the Cherry Blossom Kite Fly is taking to the skies from your own backyard or neighborhood park. We are inviting all of our friends to fly Kites for Peace by making or decorating their own kite with messages of peace, then sharing on social media #BlossomKiteFly and #KitesforPeace. Share a message of peace with the world.

About Kites for Peace

Kites for Peace is an initiative brought to you by the Washington DC Branch of the Brahma Kumaris. Since 2008 Kites for Peace has connected children and adults across the globe. Children in the U.S. decorate kites with messages of peace and compassion as gifts for children in places of distress around the world.

Kites for Peace offers us an opportunity to come from an inner place of peace, to unite in a moment in time, and to appreciate nature, family, friends and community for an elevated cause. When we change, the world changes. Peace is an absence of waste and negative thoughts and feelings. Our world is a reflection of our inner being.


About the Cherry Blossom Kite Fly
Take to the Skies on March 27 & 28 from your own yard or neighborhood park and show us how you soar! Contribute your kite-flying merriment to our online community via the National Cherry Blossom Festival social media networks using the hashtag #BlossomKiteFly

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