Feel-Fill-Fly: Offline Event with Sister Jayanti in Hindi on April 15

Feel – Fill – Fly 🦅

Can we fly light when we are full?🕊️
When we feel the need to dismiss negative thoughts can we fill ourselves with love and adopt a new perspective. Only then can we fly as light as a butterfly🦋

Let’s fill ourselves and learn to fly from BK Sister Jayanti (Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris and representative of the Brahma Kumaris to the UN in Geneva)

🗓️ Fri 15 April, 2022
🕙 6 pm to 8 pm IST

🌍 Venue: Jagdamba Bhawan Meditation and Retreat Centre, Pisoli, Pune-60

📍 Google Map: https://jbpune.tk/map

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🔸 This session will be in Hindi with the use of a few English words.

📞 Queries
+91 98813 02565

🙏🏻 Organised by:
Brahma Kumaris, Jagdamba Bhawan
Meditation and Retreat Centre, Pune

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