Establishment of Golden World Through Art and Music

Indore ( Madhya Pradesh ): The Art and Cultural Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Brahma Kumaris, organised a public program on the topic “Establishment of Golden World Through Art and Music” in which noted Writers, Editors, and Artists in various faculties from in and around Indore came to participate in large numbers along with the general public. 

The program was commenced by Kumari Smita and Kumari Shweta’s enchanting dance through which they welcomed all the Guests, Artists and enthusiastic Citizens. This was followed by the formal lighting of the lamps by Mr. Sadashiv Kautuk, a Senior Writer; Chitrangana, the well-known Pakhavaj Queen; Editor of the monthly magazine “Veena” Mr. Rakesh Sharma; BK Aarti Zonal in-Charge of Indore; and BK Asha Deputy Zonal Co-ordinator of the Art and Cultural Wing. 
BK Vika gave the full introduction of the Brahma Kumaris Art and Cultural Wing, its purpose and activities, to make the public aware of its importance. 
Mr. Sadashiv Kautuk said that the Brahma Kumaris Organisation is busy in transforming ordinary people into Deities by imparting Divine knowledge. If all the Artists lend their co-operation to the Brahma Kumaris, it becomes very easy to create the Golden World on Earth. He asked everyone to lend their support to remove corruption in the society. 
Mr. Prakash Vyas said, “An Artist is the only person who always gets new creative thoughts, through which he refines his Art.” He said that the Artist can improve his skills faster and very easily in association with the Brahma Kumaris.
BK Aarti said that Music is also a very helpful medium to remember and contemplate God. If we understand that “I am the Soul” it becomes very easy to concentrate on God. All our tensions and worries are lost and we start experiencing happiness and peace in life. 
BK Asha addressing the Artists said, “All of you are very lucky Artists because the Supreme Artist God Himself has blessed you with Artistic Talents. Just as the lamp destroys darkness with its light around, similarly if all the Artists join together then not only India but the entire World can be filled with Art and Divine Resolves or Sanskars.”
Pakhavaj Queen Chitrangana said that noble characters are created only by Art, without which it is very difficult to aspire for a Golden World. 
Mr. Rakesh Sharma stated that the Artist can render this World Beautiful. It is in fact really very Wonderfully Beautiful. The fault is in our perception. That’s why our Great Men of yore said to change our perception. 
Kumari Megha performed a meditational dance which all joined and enjoyed a collective meditation in silence.