‘Entering Gracefully into the Year of the Tiger 2022’ : Brahma Kumaris Guangzhou

Guangzhou ( China ): A special program was organised by Brahma Kumaris Guangzhou China on the occasion of Chinese New Year. This is the most important occasion for the Chinese in the whole year (this year is the Year of the Tiger).
The theme of the program was ‘Entering Gracefully into The Year of Tiger 2022’. The event was online and offline at the same time attended by participants from different parts of China and also some Chinese outside China, also small group gatherings in various cities.


The program started with greetings from BK Dr. Nirmala and then was an interactive session by BK Sapna on the theme including reflections and Meditation to imbibe the message of innate values and powers related with the Year of the Tiger.

The event also included cultural performances sharing a message for the New Year. Everyone experienced the energy of celebration, happiness, positivity and wisdom as a great start of this year.

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