Diwali Greetings From Brahma Kumaris Centers Worldwide

Please accept heartfelt greetings and good wishes for the very joyous, sparkling festival of Diwali (Festival of Lights).

We are being ferried across to the new age, in the star-studded golden ship of God’s grace, and beloved BapDada’s eternal directions are our constant guide and strength. So may the spirit of Deepawali keep reassuring us of reaching our long-cherished goal of beautiful health, wealth and happiness in the Golden Age!

May the brightness of pure consciousness bring richness to our every thought, as well as majestic feelings!

May the spirit of Diwali continue inspiring everyone at every moment, to enjoy the blessed moments of the Confluence Age!

With Baba’s love and on behalf of respected Dadi Ratan Mohini and the Madhuban family.

BK Nirwair, General Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu


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