Diwali Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Raman

Raman ( Punjab ): Diwali was celebrated by the Brahma Kumaris at their Centre, Om Shanti Bhawan, near Peer Khana, in Raman, Bhatinda, Punjab, and surrounding areas with great pomp and pleasure. For the first time it was celebrated amidst a congregation of more than 70 or 80 people who were inspired by BK Sheetal to learn the art of “Let go” and remain light always, free from tensions and worries. She asked them to leave away all negative thoughts and develop positive thinking. She said that the Festival of Diwali is the King of all Festivals. It is a Festival of Lights of Inner Enlightenment. The celebration was made very successful by the people by lighting the lamps all around.

People expressed their pleasure by dancing and performing Raas with the Brahma Kumaris. Thus, everyone enjoyed and experienced the lifestyle of what it would be like in Satyug (Golden Age). The function was rendered more colorful by a cake cutting. Everyone held a burning candle and committed to following new, good practices in their lives.

On this occasion, BK Pooja also clarified the Spiritual significance of Diwali, while BK Madhu, BK Sheetal and BK Shivali extended their Happy Diwali Greetings to all.