“Divine Experience of Purity and Unity” Online Regional Retreat by Brahma Kumaris Russia

Russia : The first online Regional Retreat on the topic “Divine Experience of Purity and Unity” for National Coordinators, Center Coordinators and NCT members brought together 65 participants from 13 countries including Russia & CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Ukraine, Georgia, and Mongolia as well as 4 senior BK teachers from Russia and India.

Even though they were spread over 8 different time zones in this Retreat, from the Baltic to the Far East, every session was organized in such a way that there was a strong feeling of the whole group being together, sharing their experience and drishti (divine vision).

The retreat began with a powerful online Amrit Vela (Early morning) meditation, followed by an online Murli (Godly versions) class and the opening session with a candle-lighting ceremony and sweet greetings from BK Sudha and BK Santosh.

The program of the retreat included meditation sessions and short classes on different topics about purity and unity conducted by BK Chakradhari, BK Sudha, BK Santosh and BK Vijay, such as Master Purifier, Claiming Red Diploma in the Subject of Purity, Unlimited Awareness, etc.  They were followed by online discussions in smaller groups, after a break or according to the participants’ time zone.  Before, a special selection from Avyakt murlis on related topics was made available for smaller groups to discuss.

The input from senior yogis set the course for the effort on self-exploring and half an hour drishti-yoga strengthened all, giving an elevated experience.

During the closing, seniors shared their wishes and gave their blessings, and participants shared their experiences. There was even a skit played together by BKs from different parts of the region as well as an online blessing card each participant could choose from the virtual batch!

Every participant’s contribution and cooperation made the event a success.

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