District Collector of Jashpur Praises Brahma Kumaris

Jashpur (Chhattisgarh): At a program held on World Peace Day at the Brahma Kumaris service center of Purani Toli, Jashpur, many prominent people paid their tributes to Prajapita Brahma Baba. This was the 52nd Remembrance Day of Prajapita Brahma, the Founder Father of Brahma Kumaris, observed as World Peace Day, all over the world.  Prabal Pratap Singh Judev, BJP State Secretary of Chhatisgarh; Mahadev Kawre, District Collector, Jashpur; Balaji Rao, SP; and BK Sarita, Incharge of Brahma Kumaris in Jashpur, were present on this occasion.

Mahadev Kawre, District Collector, while paying tribute to Prajapita Brahma,  said that the Brahma Kumaris Organization is watering the seeds of spirituality for the welfare of humanity all over the world today.

Dr. P. Sudhir, District CMHO, said that through Rajyoga we can bring in the Golden Age very soon.

BK Sarita said that Prajapita Brahma contributed to women’s empowerment by giving the responsibility of world transformation primarily to women. He manifested the latent spiritual and moral power of women in front of the world and made a new beginning.

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