‘Disease-Free Rajasthan’ Campaign Training by Rajasthan Government

Abu Road ( Rajasthan ): The Medical Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation,  in collaboration with the Health and Medical Department of Sirohi, held a day-long training camp  ‘Disease-Free Rajasthan’ under the “100-day Tobacco-Free Rajasthan” Campaign. Sirohi District Headmasters of Secondary and Higher Senior Secondary schools, Principals, Principals of nursing colleges, Doctors, and Nodal Officers of the Health Department, participated in this initiative.  Experts talked about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption on the mind and body with the participants.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar,  District Health and Medicine Chief Health Officer,  while addressing the inaugural session, said that he is sure all participants would apply the training received here in their schools and colleges.  It is a challenge today to save future generations from drug addiction.  But together we can make efforts to contain it.

Dr. S. N. Dholpuria, State Nodal Officer of the National Tobacco Control Program,  said that around 15 lakh (15 hundred thousand) people die annually due to tobacco consumption in India.  We need strict regulations to control this. That is why the Government has made plans to keep in the loop the Secondary and Senior Secondary schools.

Prasadi Lal Meena, Cabinet Minister of Health and Medicine, Government of Rajasthan,  also gave directions via a letter to State level CMHOs to implement ‘Disease-Free Rajasthan’ Campaign regulations strictly and make it a success.  A 100-day working model has been made to reach the village level.

BK Dr. Banarasi Lal Shah, Secretary of the Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris,  said that we are willing to walk hand in hand with the Rajasthan Government to make the state drug addiction free. The Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris is running various campaigns for this.

Dr. Kartik from Jaipur explained how the Disease-Free Rajasthan Campaign will be implemented in schools

Rajan Chaudhary, Director of SRKPS, spoke about the harmful effects of tobacco.  Dr. Surbhi Somani gave information on the harmful effects of tobacco on the human body. Experts gave tips on getting rid of tobacco addiction.

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