Dialogue on ‘Spiritual Dimensions of Transformation’ at Peace Village Retreat Center, New York

New York (USA ): Close contacts of the Brahma Kumaris Office at the United Nations in New York met at Peace Village Retreat Center from October 21 to 23 for a dialogue on the Spiritual Dimensions of Transformation. The gathering which convened those from UN-affiliated NGOs (non-governmental organizations) as well as UN staff, had 3 dimensions: Transformation of the Self, Time and Transformation, and Transformation of the Collective.

Ramu Damodaran, who served as secretary of the UN General Assembly’s Committee on Information for ten years starting in 2011, set the stage with an engaging talk on self-transformation – touching on each individual in the gathering.

BK Gayatri Naraine led the next session with a talk on Time and Transformation, including eternal time, original time, and the time of the confluence.

Carl Murrel, who co-chairs the Values Caucus with BK Julia Grindon Welch, opened the third session by speaking of the need to be bold as we invite the collective into positions of empathy and solidarity, asking “Are we willing to accompany them?”

After the opening talks in each session, participants joined in deepening and expanding the understanding of real transformation as an inner, spiritual phenomenon that transforms the outer world as well. This dialogue continues an inquiry on transformation undertaken by the BK Office of the United Nations with UNFPA (now the United Nations Population Fund) in 2015, shortly after the ratification of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. The SDA promised two things: Universality and transformation. It clarified universality but left the meaning of “transformation” to be worked out over time. Prompted by the then-chief of UNFPA at UN headquarters, Luis Mora, the BKs engaged in 3 dialogues with UNFPA in New York City on this subject.

The next convening of this group will be in April of 2023 in New York City.

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