‘Creativity’ : ‘Values for Life’ Series, with Mike George on November 12

We extend our warm invitation for Episode # 52  of our fortnightly ‘Values for Life’ Series, with  Mike George for a spiritual reflection on “Creativity” this Saturday.

Value :  Creativity  ( निर्माणता /  रचनात्मकता )
Speaker : Mike George (UK), Author, Spiritual Coach & Management Tutor
Date/Time :  Saturday, 12th November 2022 (1.5 Hrs session)
Kindly note the timing in your region :
8:30 PM (India), 3:00 PM (UK), 4:00 PM (France, Spain), 6:00 PM (Turkey), 7:00 AM (Pacific), 10:00 AM (Eastern), 12:00 PM (Brazil)
Join directly on Zoom –
(OR, Meeting ID – 925 2808  7710 )
(Translation available in  French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil  & Telugu )
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Please find attached the Calendar of upcoming events for the month of  November for your kind reference.
Thank you all
With Warm Regards,
‘Values for Life’ – Team
(‘Values for Life’ Series and ‘Values Workshops Series’ happen on alternative weekends and they bring insightful spiritual reflections on a particular value by senior Raj Yogi Brothers and Sisters’. These series are collaborative projects between VIHASA – India and Vancouver Brahma Kumaris.)
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