Continuous Medical Update (CME) on Stress Management at Global Peace House, Mauritius

Mauritius: Dr. Pratap Midha, Director of the Global Hospital and Research Centre in Mount Abu, visited Mauritius to serve the medical and paramedical communities through various programs at the Brahma Kumaris Centres and in public venues. The BK family was equally blessed by his sharings at the various Brahma Kumaris centers across the small island.

Continuous Medical Update (CME) on Stress Management at Khoyratty Centre

Organised jointly with the Educational and Holistic Health Care Association and the Medical Protection Society, this event gathered around 40 medical professionals at the Global Peace House Brahma Kumaris centre in Khoyratty. Dr. Pratap was one of the panel speakers, along with Dr. Tetraj Ramchurn and Dr. Ramburn Seewoosagur, who intervene on the Role of Stress management in Cancer and Heart Diseases, respectively. Moderated by Dr. Butoi, this CME was approved by the Mauritius Medical Council for allocation of ‘Continuous Professional Development’ points.

Lecture on ‘Caring for the Well-being of the Self’ for Medical Professionals

This gathering of professionals was the highlight of Dr. Pratap’s visit, as around 85 doctors participated at the Academy for Integrated and Sustainable Development in Wooton. Dr. Purmessur, President of the Medical Council of Mauritius; Dr. R. Goordoyal, Regional Health Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital; Dr. U. Ramjutum, Cardiologist and former president of the Medical Council; and Dr. Beegoo, Orthopedic Surgeon, were present at the event.

Dr. Pratap addressed a group of doctors and nurses by giving a Lecture on ‘Stress Management’ at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital. At the end, Dr. Pratap offered a Godly gift to Dr. Rajendranath Goor-doyal, Regional Health Director of Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital.

Dr. Pratap also gave a lecture on Stress Management to Police Officers at Police Eastern Division and together with Sr. Neeroo shared Godly Knowledge with Chief Commander of Police Mr. Jangi.

Dr. Pratap spoke at the Mahatma Gandhi Insitute in the context of the International Day of Peace.

Dr. Pratap is a living example of a healthy mind and in a healthy body; despite his age, he was very apt at maintaining his daily 10,000 steps though his busy schedule. Indeed, an inspiration for everyone, young and old!