Christmas Day Celebrations at Brahma Kumaris HQ

Abu Road ( Rajasthan ): A spirited and festive celebration was held at Diamond Hall in Shantivan on the occasion of Christmas.  The celebration started with musical performance by artists of Shantivan and blessings by Dadi Ratanmohini, Joint Chief of the Brahma Kumaris; BK Nirwair, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris, and BK Brijmohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris. There was fun and frolic with Santa Claus who distributed sweets and gifts with delight. This was followed by cake-cutting ceremony bringing alive the spirit of Christmas, giving love and compassion to all.

Christmas Day 2020 Blessings from Dadi Ratan Mohini

Christmas is celebrated with utmost happiness throughout the world. This day is celebrated in context with the awareness of our elevated fortune of belonging to the One and serving others with a cheerful face. To be worthy of receiving blessings, we need to pay attention to  every word, thought, and deed. Wish you all a very happy Christmas!

Christmas Day Greetings from  BK Nirwair

Today is a big day for all of us because the Christian religion is celebrating its founder Jesus Christ’s Birthday. Jesus has inspired through his life the message of Love. This festival is celebrated with utmost happiness, and people exchange messages of Merry Christmas. Then it is a week-long celebration until New Year. As Dadi Prakashmani would say, celebrate Christmas every day with the same enthusiasm. God has given us many spiritual gifts and the gift of Paradise by being a Santa Claus so we need to be in that feeling and stay happy throughout our life. So, in this coming year, stay healthy, happy, and in love with each other and as per the preaching of Christ,  “Love thy neighbor”. Hearty Greetings to all on Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Day Wishes from  BK BrijMohan

Merry Christmas to all Souls. God has guided us with immense knowledge and shared how purity is essential to establish any religion in this world. He shared deep secrets of Jesus Christ, the mysteries of Santa Claus, and the reality that lies beneath all this festivity. As Dadi Prakashmani said, you need to be happy throughout the year and celebrate life with great enthusiasm. So, remember this and enrich your life with the divine pearls of wisdom of God.

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