“Choose and Create a Perfect Life” Session at Kishangarh Airport

Kishangarh ( Rajasthan ) : Under the aegis of the Brahma Kumaris center in Dholabhata, a program titled “Choose and Create a Perfect Life” was held at the Kishangarh (Ajmer) Airport. BK Surendra from Neemuch was the main speaker on the occasion.

Speaking on this topic, BK Surendera said that we are the creators of our own destiny with our thoughts and actions. Just like the battery of any gadget gets discharged with use and has to be recharged, so we must recharge ourselves every morning and evening by connecting to the Supreme through meditation. This is the only way to become powerful enough to make a brilliant destiny for ourselves.

BK Savita guided everyone in experiencing Rajayoga meditation. Director of the Kishangarh Airport Mr. Ashok Kapoor thanked everyone for their presence. Brahma Kumaris guests from Neemach also visited the holy shrine of the Muslim saint Khawaja Sahib to pay homage.