Celebration of International Women’s Day in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): International Women’s Day celebrations come in a variety of hues as per political, social and cultural features of every country. For many years, March 8 has been celebrated at Brahma Kumaris Centres of Russia, CIS and Baltic states as the Day of Shaktis (Powerful beings). It is an important time for all the souls in female bodies, who have been given the urn of responsibility for world service, to underline for themselves a number of commitments.

On this day, the women, spiritual students and servers, reconfirm their pledge to stay simple and become a sample of purity and dignity in order to reveal the Supreme Father. On the same day, they are honoured with special spiritual and physical gifts. All the men see it as a day for taking most of the household tasks on their shoulders, like cooking and serving meals, cleaning, washing utensils, etc., so that the women stay decorated and shining.

High dignitaries of St. Petersburg expressed their good wishes on this special occasion.

Mr. Alexander Rzhanenkov, the chairperson of Social Policies Committee of St. Petersburg City Administration, said in his video message, “My hearty greetings to all women who carry out most important work in the field of social service with lots of love, professionalism and aspiration.”

On the eve of Women’s Day, a group of BKs met Mr. Valery Garnets, Head of Vyborgsky District Administration of St. Petersburg. Vyborgsky district is one of the largest areas of the city, with population of more than 5 lakhs. Mr. V. Garnets appreciated the contribution of mothers in creating the atmosphere of mutual co-operation and care in the city.

Mr. Deepak Miglani, Consul General of India in St. Petersburg, expressed his greetings on the occasion, appreciating the activities of the Brahma Kumaris in this city and world-wide.

A colourful celebration honoring God’s Shaktis on March 8 pulled about 150 BK sisters from St. Petersburg as well as lots of others who joined the event online from many beautiful cities of Russia and other countries.

BK brothers shared their feelings of deep respect and love for Shiv Shaktis using the language of poetry, music, drama and even a bhangra dance.

At this time of transition, God makes sisters and mothers into caring gardeners who help Him to change thorns of vices into flowers of virtues. As a sign of that, every sister received a special gift of a flower in a flower pot.

As the pandemic restrictions are still on, a 15-minute video presentation “Secrets of Making One’s Life Beautiful” was released on the Lighthouse YouTube channel for the general public who could not take benefit of coming personally to the Centre. BK Santosh shared 3 spiritual secrets of beauty revealed to us by God, the Supreme Artist. The first secret lies in forging and maintaining a deep and loving relationship with God. In order to keep giving to others, one has to be charged with God’s love on a daily basis. The second secret of beauty: We should be able to create a beautiful atmosphere of cleanliness and lightness around us through our attitude of good wishes and positive thinking. And the third secret: We should not eat anyone! As is the food, so is our mind. Pure, sattvic vegetarian food cooked with love and offered to the Supreme Giver of Life, will make everyone who takes it, healthy, happy and beautiful.

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