Celebrating & Welcoming the New Year in a Spiritual Way !!!

By celebrating any event correctly, not only can we experience happiness but we can also derive spiritual benefits. Nowadays, the trend of celebrating the New Year on December 31 has become common. People plan vacations and outings to various destinations; they wish each other at the stroke of midnight; there are public fireworks shows, there is an air of festivity all around. But, why not ensure that this happiness and enthusiasm are not only there just for one day, but also lasts throughout the year? Thus, just as we celebrate on New Year’s Eve, let’s continue maintaining the same spirit of celebration, joy and zeal throughout the year by doing the following:

  • Keep singing praises of God and remembering the illustrious fortune that He has bestowed upon us, which will make us dance in happiness and super-sensuous joy!
  • Give everyone the gift of good wishes, pure feelings and elevated blessings. This is a subtle but very powerful form of supporting and empowering others, which is the best gift that can be given to anyone!
  • Indeed, rather than just purchasing new things, let’s inculcate ‘newness’ in our every thought and feeling. This shifts our consciousness to a higher level, hence ensuring that although our external schedule and routine remain the same, our experiences and feelings remain new and positive — every day!
  • Along with just changing the date, let’s also change our state of mind, by shifting from blaming to taking personal responsibility, from expectations to acceptance, from criticism to appreciation, from control to positive influence, from conflict to harmony, from competition to cooperation, etc.

The New Year is actually a confluence of the old and the new where we bid farewell (vidaai) to the old year and joyously welcome the New Year. So, let’s also say “good bye” to the following:

  • All the unwanted memories of the past by forgiving and forgetting
  • All the past failures, by starting afresh with new motivation
  • All the burdens of the past, by handing it over to God, the Supreme Being

This will ensure that our year truly starts on a new and more positive note. Looking at the year gone by, let’s emerge the “attitude of gratitude”, and do the following:

  • Let’s thank God for His continued subtle support, protection and blessings.
  • Let’s thank Him for all the skills, talents and specialties that He has given to us.
  • Let’s thank all souls, who have supported us, comforted us and helped to make our life smooth and special.
  • Let’s thank even those who didn’t believe in us, but helped us to grow through their criticism and opposition.

Purity is the mother of peace and happiness. Hence, to make our new year truly happy, let us do the following to inculcate purity in our every thought, word and action:

  • See everyone as pure divine souls and see their virtues and specialties.
  • Remember that all are the children of One Supreme Father, thereby experiencing true unity and feeling of universal brotherhood.
  • Feed only pure, positive and powerful information to empower the mind. Speak only sweet and divine words filled with spiritual wisdom.
  • Perform actions, which act as an example for others, and keep benefitting others through your every act.

This New Year, let’s make God our true Friend and Companion. This awareness that ‘God is with me’ ensures the following:

  • We never feel lonely or bored, since we keep remembering His knowledgeful talks, experience His soothing presence, reflect on the wonderful experiences with Him, etc.
  • We keep churning His imperishable jewels of spiritual knowledge, and, hence, experience great happiness.
  • We stay free from fear, since the Almighty God Father is with us.
  • We remain in His elevated company, free from negative influences, in the awareness of our original virtues of peace, love and happiness, thus, enabling us to contribute more positively to the world.


When we celebrate a happy event there should be enthusiasm and positivity in the environment. Celebrating New Year as is done currently may seem to be fun and frolic, but spiritually it does a lot more harm than good. Therefore, this year we need to focus on celebrations by imbibing more positivity, and it will pave the way for a fruitful year 2021 and invoke the New Golden-Aged World (Satyuga) once again.


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