Public Program on ‘Calmness In Crisis’ and Online Project “Meditation for the Motherland”

Secunderabad (Telangana): Brahma Kumaris, West Marredpally, Secunderabad Center Organised two programs on the visit of BK Sister Shivani.

A Get together with VIPs was held at the centre  attended  by 25 VIPs including B. Ajith Reddy, CEO of Secunderabad Cantonment Board.
Vikas DIG of Excise Department.

A Public program was organised in the evening. About 1150 people attended the program which  included 75 VIPs. Prominent VIPs were Brig. Ajeet Deshpande, Army Commandant AOC Center, Secunderabad; Vijay Kumar Balan Nair, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Secunderabad Cantonment Board; Major General Chakraborty (Retd); Vijaya Shanti, Corporator, Alwal; Kashyap Reddy, MD Of Medha Servor Drives Pvt Ltd; Kailash Charan Chairman Of Imperial Garden. Chartered Accountants, Lawers,  Professors, Businessmen were also present.

BK Sister Shivani spoke on, The power of silence, Daily diet for the mind, Rajyoga Meditation for a peaceful life, This is the time of great change of the world, Less usage of social media & mobile (addiction free from mobile). No mobile phone usage one hour after getting up in the morning and one hour before sleeping. Let’s connect with the supreme being & give Peace, Power, Purity & Love to the five elements. This is the Real Service for the motherland.

Online Project “Meditation For the motherland” was also briefed to the public by BK Sister Shivani.

About 50 people joined Rajyoga Meditation camp at Marredpally centre and some have joined online at their nearby Rajyoga Centre.

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