Brahma Kumaris Visakhapatnam Distribute Reusable Masks to Anti Covid-19 Forces

Visakhapatnam ( Andhra Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris Kurmannapalem, Visakhapatnam, distributed self-made reusable cloth masks to Anti Covid-19 Forces in and around Kurmannapalem, Duvvada, and Steel Plant areas. 

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the lockdown period, the Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga Center of Kurmannapalem, Visakhapatnam, led by BK Ramani and  BK Sasikala, stitched reusable cloth face masks with the help of the BK Family and distributed thousands of masks, soaps and biscuits to the Anti-Covid 19 Forces, including Police, Traffic Staff and officials of the police department of Duvvada, GVMC public health personnel, Home Guards of Kurmannapalem, and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Jawans and Police of Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam.

BK Ramani and her team distributed about 240 masks, in the presence of Law and Order Circle Insperctor Smt.T Lakshmi garu, and Traffic SI Smt Bangaru Papa, to all the Police and Traffic staff of 120 members, at Duvvada police station.

About 160 reusable cloth masks, soaps and biscuits were distributed to Kurmannapalem public health personnel in the presence of GVMC Asst. medical officer, Dr. Lakshmi Tulasi, and BK Ramani.

BK Ramani with the help of the BK Family distributed 600 reusable cloth masks to steel plant Home Guards and former servicemen in the presence of KC Das, Director (Personnel), Debasis Ray ED (HR) of Vizag steel plant.

Some 104 reusable cloth masks and biscuits were distributed to steel plant police in the presence of Syamala Rao, SI, who are doing service in this critical time.

BK Ramani and the BK Family distributed 700 reusable cloth masks to CISF Jawans, Vizag steel plant in the presence of Irfan Ahmad, Commandant, In-Charge of Vizag Steel plant CISF.

All the guests who participated in the distribution of masks admired the services of the Brahma Kumaris team for their intense and timely efforts during this pandemic period.

In this context BK Ramani said “Although there is no medicine or vaccine for the pandemic covid-19, the only principle which we can follow in this context is “Prevention is better than cure.”  To restrict the spread of the covid-19 virus from person to person, during this lockdown period everyone should follow better hygiene, sanitary conditions, cleanliness, social distancing and the usage of masks.  Due to the scarcity of masks many anti-covid fighters are risking their lives to save the public life.  So, our objective is to serve these anti-covid forces with a pair of fine, durable, re-usable, long-life cloth masks and other essentials while handling their duties.”  Further, Sister BK Ramani has distributed about 400 cloth masks to the BK family for their safety, who have come from Mt Abu to Visakhapatanam in a special train arranged during the lockdown period by Central and State Governments.