Brahma Kumaris Southern California’s Interfaith Program

California ( USA ): Diwali Celebration hosted by Brahma Kumaris Centers of Southern California(Los Angeles & Seal Beach). It was a truly light filled festival – the light of joy, the light of cooperation, the light of peace, and the light of hope.

In keeping with the theme of “Igniting the light within,” each performance and activity encouraged those from all walks of life to come together and use the combined inner lights to do away with the darkness today’s world.

Following the introduction of the event’s theme – highlighting the fact that ultimately, we all share the same core experiences regardless of where we’re from – one of BK SoCal’s own students choreographed and performed a classical Indian dance on a Marathi song. Though the lyrics were translated prior to the performance for context, the dance in of itself beautifully conveyed the joy. It gave the message that we ourselves are filled with divine qualities that are to be re-emerged.

The necessity of acting based on our virtues was emphasized in the next performance – a skit aptly named “Karmology.” Also written and acted out by BK SoCal students, not only did this play have the audience smiling and laughing, but it also provided a clear message on the law of karma “You reap what you sow”. It was relatable even for those not yet exposed to the Brahma Kumaris teachings.

In the candle-lighting ceremony, interfaith leaders shared prayers, stories, and touching messages. Their points harmoniously came together, with all calling attention to the significance of light, community, and oneness, including connection with the One Supreme power. Everyone lit a candle , you could see the glowing faces clearly, their brightening inner lights were illuminating on their faces. Before proceeding to meditation, a BK SoCal brother sung Dadi Prakashmani’s favorite song, “Naa Ye Chand Hoga,” a wonderful reminder of the feeling that comes from remaining united with the One, regardless of external circumstances. This was followed by the tying of a “Link of Love” ribbon on neighboring audience members’ wrists.

The lovely backdrop of Supreme soul, with the angelically decorated stage and live harp music set the magical tone for the concluding meditation. Everyone held lamps in their hands and were called to connect to their innate goodness by drawing on the power of the One. As compelling as the commentary was, the silence everyone maintained at that point was even more powerful. After the meditative experience, they received their blessing cards with powerful loving dristhi(vision) from BK seniors and passed the intricately handmade rangoli of Supreme soul watching over the globe with a dove of peace.

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