Brahma Kumaris set up free buttermilk stall for one month in hot summer

Bhimavaram ( Andhra Pradesh ): Brahma Kumaris Bhimavaram branch set up a “చలివేంద్రం” chalivendram – means a small stall setup temporarily to supply free drinking water or buttermilk in hot weather for the travellers. The stall was set up in the market near the water tank in the PP road from 2nd May to 31st May.

It was inaugurated by Municipal Commissioner Shivarama Krishna  who congratulated the Brahma Kumaris organization for serving the people tirelessly in this hot summer.

Brahma Kumaris Bhimavaram Branch In charge BK Revathi  said that this “free cool butter milk shelter” was set up to quench the thirsty people by providing cold buttermilk and requested to also keep the mind cool. Elderly people and children are advised to take preventive steps from getting sunburnt. Everyone was requested to avail the services of Brahma Kumaris.

Along with BK Revathi, BK Kumari, BK Padma, BK Babu Rao, BK Bhaskar and many other Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars participated in the program.

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